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March Together on Saturday 3/25 From 2-5 at Sts. Simon and Jude! Come and join in the fun!   This is a fun mixed-team basketball tournament. 50/50 raffle, half court shot contest, bake sale and more!  All profits go toward one of our families battling cancer

Library Hours/Schedule

The school library is open each week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during school hours. Students in grades K through 8 visit the school library once each week, as shown below.
Kindergarten (Mrs. Roberto) - Wednesday, 6th Period
Kindergarten (Mrs. Walker) - Thursday, 6th Period
1st Grade (Mrs. Lockwood) - Tuesday, 7th Period
1st Grade (Miss Grinko) - Tuesday, 8th Period
2nd Grade (Mrs. Zutter) - Wednesday, 3rd Period
2nd Grade (Mrs. Hobba) - Wednesday, 4th Period
3rd Grade (Mrs. Kutchell) - Wednesday, 7th Period
4th Grade (Brass/Percussion Band Students) - Tuesday, 3rd Period
4th Grade (Woodwind Band Students) - Thursday, 3rd Period
5th Grade (Brass/Percussion Band Students) - Tuesday, 5th Period
5th Grade (Woodwind Band Students) - Thursday, 5th Period
6th Grade (General Music) - Tuesday, 4th Period
6th Grade (Instrumental Music) - Thursday, 4th Period
7th Grade (all) - Thursday, 1st Period
8th Grade (General Music) - Tuesday, 2nd Period
8th Grade (Instrumental Music) - Thursday, 2nd Period