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Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

The Curriculum

The St. Bernard School is located within the Diocese of Pittsburgh and is committed to a program of education which seeks academic excellence, moral courage and developing faith, in the light of social and cultural change. The curricula for the Catholic Schools are based on the pedagogical concepts that all children are unique, learn at different rates and are to be challenged to their fullest potential. Research indicates that children will achieve according to the expectancies placed upon them by their teachers and parents. The schools of the Diocese of Pittsburgh place high expectancy upon all teachers to motivate the children to achieve to the best of their ability. This is particularly true in the skill areas of Reading and Math. The curricula for these subjects are so designed that students can advance through defined levels of competency according to their needs and abilities. Students are evaluated on their achievement at expected grade level.


Flexible grouping is an important component of the continuous growth concept. This provision places students at an appropriate instructional level and then allows them to move forward in the curriculum as they achieve mastery of content and skills. Students are not to be "locked" into an instructional group. Teachers will assess the learning abilities of their students and allow for this flexibility in their instructional groups.


Teachers, recognizing different learning styles, vary their presentation and assignments in the other areas of the curricula so as to provide for the individual needs of each child. Critical thinking skills, problem solving and research techniques are to be a part of each student’s instruction. Enrichment activities are provided for all students, thus broadening the lesson presented. Learners who achieve at a slower pace should be given the opportunity to work with those who are more gifted in order to encourage cooperation and team work among the students.


St. Bernard Core Curriculum





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Instructional Support in Math, Reading and Speech, provided by AIU.


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