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School Cancellation Policy

School Cancellation Policy

Especially when winter approaches, please be aware of the following school policies:

Cancellation of school takes place only during circumstances such as extreme weather, equipment failure, or public crisis. School will not be canceled unless a significant safety risk has been created by unusual circumstances. Every practical means is used to notify parents of a cancellation, including radio, TV and internet. In the unusual circumstance, where school must be canceled during the school day, teachers will determine that all students have satisfactory transportation and supervision to their home before releasing them from school.

If inclement weather or some other emergency requires that the school be delayed or closed, this information will be announced on the list of radio/TV stations noted below. Because of the number of public districts represented in our school, it is important that you listen for an announcement that identifies your public school district. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL OR RECTORY FOR THIS INFORMATION.

The following procedures will be adhered to regarding poor weather conditions:

1. If all school districts cancel school, Saint Bernard School is automatically closed for all students. If Mount Lebanon cancels school, Saint Bernard School may or may not still be in session depending upon the parish plant condition. Please watch for “Saint Bernard School” to be listed as closed or delayed.

2. If the district that provides your transportation has canceled school, but Saint Bernard School has not canceled school, parents are encouraged to provide transportation to and from school for that day for Saint Bernard School students. Please use your best safe judgment of the road conditions.

3. Delays due to weather are dependent upon the school district in which the student lives – Keystone Oaks, Pittsburgh City, Mount Lebanon, Bethel Park, Peters Township, Upper Saint Clair, Carlyton, Chartiers Valley, South Fayette & Baldwin. If all districts are delayed, then Saint Bernard School will also be delayed. For example: if Keystone Oaks has a delay, then only those students who are bussed by Keystone Oaks have a delay.

4. Do not call the school or rectory for information. Listen to the radio station specified by your school district and look for your school district first then Saint Bernard School.

In the event of a two-hour delay, which will be announced typically when every district bussing children to Saint Bernard School has called a delay, all children should report to school at 10:00 a.m. There is a modified pre-school & kindergarten schedule as follows:


A.M.-Kindergarten 10:00-12:00 – (same dismissal time)


All Day Kindergarten – 10:00-2:50 P.M. – (same as 1st – 8th grades)


4-Year Preschool (A.M.) & 3-Year Preschool (A.M.) – 10:00 -11:30 A.M.


3-Year Preschool (P.M.) – 12:30-2:20 P.M.


4-Year Preschool (All Day) – 10:00-2:20 P.M.



If Saint Bernard School is not delayed the teachers will be present at the usual time.

If you are driving your children to school on a two-hour delay day, please do not arrive before 10:00a.m. The staff and faculty are on delay too!


The cancellation of classes due to inclement weather will be announced on local radio/tv stations as follows:

School Web-Site:
WTAE ‑‑Radio ‑1240 AM, T.V., web-site
KDKA ‑‑Radio ‑1020 AM, T.V. , web-site
WPXI—TV, web-site
Mount Lebanon Access Channel

The announcement will SPECIFICALLY state, "St. Bernard School." We will USUALLY follow Mt. Lebanon School District. Announcement may appear on one or more of the venues above much earlier than others. This is out of the school’s control. You are encouraged to watch various stations when expecting a delay.

Some misc. points and examples:

For safety reasons, Mount Lebanon walkers-those truly walking- should follow the Mount Lebanon School District regarding delays/cancellations. The crossing guards will typically adhere to the Mount Lebanon School District.
If your district is delayed and Saint Bernard School is not delayed, you may drop your child off at the school during normal time or send them on the bus for the delay.

If for some safety reason, Saint Bernard School has a two-hour delay and your district does not have a delay, the bus transportation will not be delayed and parents are responsible for transportation. This will happen very seldom. If Saint Bernard School has a delay and your district does not, then the parents will need to bring their child to school two hours later unless notified.

When all districts are delayed and there is a two-hour delay, for safety reasons DO NOT drop your child off early to school. They are not to arrive before 10:00 a.m. There are a couple of important reasons for this: First, when Saint Bernard School is delayed the faculty and staff are delayed too. Second, there are times when a delay turns into a cancellation. It is important to make sure that this is not the case.



In case of emergency each student is required to have on file at the school office the following information:

1. Parent(s) or guardian(s) names(s)
2. Complete and up‑to‑date address.
3. Home phone and parent(s) work phone.
4. Emergency phone number of friend or relative.
5. Physician's name and phone.
6. Medical alert information.