Safe Environment Policy and Information

Safe Environment Policy and Information

Saint Bernard School
401 Washington Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15216
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January 2019

Dear Prospective Saint Bernard Parent,
You may or may not be familiar with a diocesan-wide initiative called the “Safe Environment Policy – Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.” If you are not, I wanted to explain the Charter and the important role that you play in it.

The Charter was established several years ago to raise awareness among adults of the predatory dangers facing our children today. A few years ago, the policy requirements were revised and the Diocese of Pittsburgh now mandates that all clergy, employees and adult volunteers in any capacity who have contact with parish children are compliant with this Diocesan policy.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at St. Bernard School. In order for you to perform any activity, you need to complete the Diocese of Pittsburgh’s process for The Protection of Children and Young People and the State of Pennsylvania’s requirements. There are 5 steps in order to complete the process.


1. Complete the Diocesan application on and submit it. The access code for St. Bernard is PROTECT.


2. Complete both the PA Child Abuse History application and release form. They will need to be turned into the rectory or school office. There is no fee for the clearance.


3. If you have lived in the State of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years, please sign the Waiver of Fingerprint History Check and return. If you have not lived in Pennsylvania for the past 10 years, you will need to be fingerprinted. To find a fingerprinting center and schedule an appointment, use the link from the Diocesan website or access Use code 1KG6Y3. Once you receive your results, please provide a copy to the rectory or school office.


4. Complete a Protecting God’s Children class. You may complete an on-line course or attend a live session. Registration for the workshop can be completed Please remember to turn in your certification after completion. This MUST be done within 3 months of completing the Diocese database.


5. Take the Mandated Reporter class. This is also offered as an on-line course or live session. Registration can be completed from the link on the Diocesan website or you may go to After completing this course, you will receive a certificate. Please print and return to the rectory or school office.


If you have any questions on this process, please feel free to contact Beth Figas, Parish and School Safe Environment Coordinator at or 412-561-3300 x101.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this matter.