- Room Parents and Classroom Parties

Who: Sheri Reddy and Randi Green are the room parent coordinators.

Room Parents coordinate activities for each classroom.


Where: Individual Classroom

When: Halloween will be an all school Dance-a-thon for grades K-8 in the afternoon.  Preschool students are welcome to attend. Preschool will have classroom parties.

The other parties (Christmas and Valentines) will incorporate a service project as part of the party.  Pre-K and K will have Easter parties and 1st grade will have Lenten Stations.

There are other special events and dates (teacher’s birthday) per classroom. 

What:  The room parents will coordinate with the teachers and plan events to celebrate the holidays. Parent help will be welcome.  For most classes, this is a kid friendly event.  You can bring younger siblings.


Note:  1. Make sure if you are volunteering in the classroom that you are in compliance with the Diocese Safe Environment Policy.
           2. Food for parties cannot be homemade.



Who: Entire school

When: Halloween Party

Where:  School

What: Fun dance party that acts as a fundraiser.

How You Can Help:

  1. Donate:  Please consider sponsoring your child/ children as they earn money towards our school though dancing.    
  2. Volunteer: Help with drinks and approved snack distribution and the festivities.