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Guidance Counselor

Welcome to the School Counseling Program!   Outlined below is an explanation of the school counseling program/service. It is my mission to meet each student’s academic, career and social/personal developmental needs. I am here to assist students in overcoming challenges that interfere with learning and to ensure all students equal access to a counseling program that is comprehensive and developmentally appropriate.


My duties are to support students in academic, career, and personal/social development so that they are successful in the classroom. 

I am not a mental health therapist so I do NOT diagnose students (I can help with referral information) nor do I do therapy. 


I provide school counseling services (1:1/groups).


I provide consultation/referral services to parents/guardians and school staff.


I deliver classroom guidance lessons promoting positive social thinking, career development and academic success. Teachers or students may request a specific topic such as stress reduction or conflict resolution as well.


A student may visit with me if he/she is:  new to the school, feeling angry/anxious/stressed, having difficulty interacting with peers/friends, lacks organization, or having difficulty dealing with changes at home (grief/loss, divorce).  


Students are referred by administrators, teachers, parents/guardians or on their own.  After an initial meeting, a parent permission slip is sent home, and your written consent is required for subsequent individual or group meetings.  Classroom guidance does not require a permission slip since the whole class is served and the teacher is present in the room.  Under special circumstances, a principal may request a one-time meeting.   


Mrs. DiCesare