Welcome to Mrs. Lockwood's First Grade Class







Monday- math worksheet, read food story, fluency folder, Spelling and reading test on Wed.
Tuesday-math p 337 and 338, read food story, reading and spelling test tomorrow, fluency folder
Wednesday- math p 342 and 343, fluency folder, religion test on Friday, crazy sock day
Crazy Sock Day on March 21st!



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Language Arts:

We will:
Read Where Does Food Come From?
Read  and write long a spelled ay and ai
Review long vowel words spelled with magic e
Use details to find the author's purpose
Phonics, Vocabulary, and Comprehension tests will be Mar. 20
Please continue to review the vocabulary words from the past units.  These words are sight words and continue to appear in our stories and work throughout the year.
Vocabulary- sometimes, under, ground, these, first, food, right, your
Spelling-day, may, way, stay, play, clay, pain, rain, grain, mail, sail, braid
Spelling Sentences- Please hand me the milk.   When will you be home?
*Be sure to practice using capital letters, spacing between words, and end marks.
We will  take a test on the spelling words and  on Mar 1 that will be a grade.   The students will also write the sentences as they are dictated. The sentences will  be graded this week.
Phonics- Please practice reading the words below that follow our pattern this week.
Words with long a 
cake, cane, sale, take, late, plate, name, lane, came,cave, flake, lake, wade, case, made, make, bake, rake, shake
Soft g and c words
gem, rage, budge, page, cage, place, age, cents,dance, face, hedge, race, dodge, fence, bridge, trace, stage, pace, edge, fudge
Words with long i
tile, time, like, line, ride, side, hide, hike, nine, nice, bite, kite, ripe, rise, slide, pine, shine, quite, pipe
Words with "ghost letters" (kn, mb, wr, gn)
knot, numb, wren, knock, limb, wrist, gnat, wreck, crumb, lamb, wrench, knit, thumb, knob, wrap, gnash, knick
Words with long o 
bone, hole, hose, note, no, rode, rope, go, robe, rose, so, nose, home, hope, pole, poke
Words with long u
tube, flute, rude, rule, dune, tune, mule, cute, June, fuse, use, cube, cute
Words with long e
he, see, these,me, be, beach, bee, bean, read, reef, heap, heel, seen, seed, seem, feels,
Words with nk and ng
king, bunk, rink, ring, sink, sink, song, trunk, sting, swing, long, drink, dunk, bring, brink, think, thing


* Subtraction with facts up to 20


** We will use these strategies to practice subtraction.   Please continue to work towards memorization of the facts as this will help in the future for two digit subtraction.

Make a ten- 13-8=?

                     13- 3-5=?

                       10-5= 5

Use a ten frame and take away.

Count back- start at the greater number and count back to the less number

Count on- start at the less number and count up to get the the greater number





* We will use these strategies to practice adding.  Please continue to work towards memorization of the facts as this will help in the future for two digit addition.

*Make a ten- Break apart an addend to to make 10 then add the addends. EX 9+4=  9+1+3 = 10+3 = 13

*Count on- Start at the greatest addend and count on to find the sum.  EX 9+4 Start at 9, count 4 more to get 13.

*Use a doubles fact- Memorize the doubles facts and use them to help you solve another problem.

*Use doubles +1- Memorize the doubles facts.  Add one.  EX. 8+7  7+7= 14 so add one more 


**Test on Wed. March 13th**


Social Studies:

What are rules and laws?
Who are the leaders of our city, state and country?



Chapter 17- We Celebrate Baptism
The Church welcomes new members at Baptism.
At Baptism, we receive God's life.
We say and do special things to celebrate Baptism.
In Baptism we are joined to Jesus and one another.