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Welcome to Third Grade 

Room 305 

Monday March 18,2019
  • Spelling ABC sheet
  • Simple Solutions Grammar Lesson 52
  • Math- worksheet
Tuesday March 19, 2019
  • Reading-Readers notebook sheet 49-50
  • Simple Solutions Math- Lesson #66
  • Grammar- worksheet Irregular verbs 
Test for the week of 11
  • Language Arts Friday March 22
  • Spelling test Friday March 22
Skills for the week of March 18

Language Arts: 
Comprehension- Story
  • Two Bear Cubs
Target Skill:
  • Story Structure
  • Story Message
Target Strategies:
  • Summarize
  • words with the vowel Sounds in Spoon and Wood
  • Words:scolding, greedily, ignores, hesitation, burden, glancing, base, console, drowsy, heroic
  • prefixes pre-, re-, bi-
  • More Irregular Verbs
Spelling Words:
  • Mood ,wooden, drew, smooth, blue, balloon, true, crooked, chew, tooth, hooves, cool, food, pooch, blew, foot, 
Bonus Words:
  • loose, jewel
Challenge Words:
  • scolding. console
  • They walked along a crooked path, and found a smooth jewel.
  • The little girl won a blue balloon at the fair, but it blew away.
Math- Chapter 10 Fraction: Comparison and Equivalence
  • Lesson 10-5 Compare Fraction with the same Numerator
  • Lesson 10-6 Order fractions
  • Lesson 10-4 Multiplication and division  review
  • Lesson 10-7 Problem Solving Act It Out
  • Chapter 9- The Churches Teaches Us
  • Know the 12 Apostles
Social Studies: