Mrs. Kutchell's 3rd Grade Class

March 18th-22nd
Homework Please check your child's planner.   
Monday- Math SS87 / English SS 78 / Reading-vocab sq Thur. and reread story/ Spelling- correct misspelled words 3 times/ 
Tuesday- Math SS 88 and text p. 246-247 odd and test tom on Chp.11/ English- SS 79/ Reading- vocab sq Thur. and reread and Dr. Seuss book report by Monday/ Religion- Chp 12 test Thur. and study
Wednesday-Math SS 89 (quiz tomorrow on 85-88) and wb p. 181-182/ English SS 80 and quiz tom 77-80/ Reading- vocab sq and reread and finish wb p. 63-64/ Spelling- finish pages 57,60,62,66,69 and finish activity (adding compound words: birth+day=birthday)/ Religion- Chp 12 test tom.
Thursday-math SS 89 and wb p. 194 (due Mon)/ English- Adverbs test tom and wb p. 65/ Spelling- test tom/ Reading- test tom on comprehension and vocab/ Dr. Seuss book report due Mon.
Friday- test folders and AR 
Tuesday- Spanish
Wednesday- Library/Music
Thursday-Mass (most Thursdays)
Friday- Phys Ed.
Upcoming Events: 
Fridays- Stations of the Cross
29th- School in Service 
1st- No school (Clerical day)
4th- Confession at 1:00
5th- Stations of the Cross
10th- Living Stations
18th-22nd- Easter Break (No school)
Hi Parents!  
Please Note from the School Office:
Calendar Change for March & April
Due to snow days the End of the 3 rd Quarter date has changed to
April 2nd .
Please note the date of the Clerical Day has changed:
March 29, 2019 School in Session – Full Day
April 1, 2019 NO School – Clerical Day
Calendar Changes for June
Due to Snow Make-up Days, Please note our revised June
June 3, 4, 5, 6 School in Session (Full Days)
June 7 No School, Clerical
June 10 School in Session (Full Day)
June 11 Last Day of School – 11:30AM Dismissal
Here is what we are doing in the classroom:   
Math: Measurement
Tuesday: Mass and word problems with Mass
Wednesday- Review chapter 11
Thursday- Chapter 11 Test and Centers (measurement word problems, division game, Line Plots)
Friday- Multiplication Review
Language Arts:  (Tests will be Friday, March 22nd)
Story of the Week:  Life on the Ice
Comprehension Skills and Strategies: main ideas and details and literal and non literal meanings
Fluency: accuracy
Vocabulary Skill:  Dictionary and Glossary
Vocabulary words: shelter, colony, constant, wilderness, climate, region, unexpected, gliding, overheated, layer
Phonics skills: compound words
Spelling: birthday, anyone, sometimes, everything, homework, afternoon, airplane, grandmother, something, without, himself, faraway, sunburned, daylight, someone, cannot, scorekeeper, everybody, overheated, wilderness
Grammar: Adverbs
Science- Chapter 12: Forces and Motion
Lesson 1: Quiz Tuesday, 1/29
Lesson 2: quiz Tuesday, 2/22
The Power of Magnets
Lesson 3 quiz Tuesday for Miss Ratay and Wed. for my class (3/12-13)
Social Studies- Miss Ratay teaches Social Studies to third grade 
Chapter 12 (test will be Thursday)