St. Bernard Math Club

Quizzical Brains and Curious Kids!
Math Club is the place for you! Junior High students with a thirst for solving puzzles are invited to attend Math Club, offered on Thursdays after school. Students work with small groups of varying talents, ages and abilities to solve challenging questions. Engaging themes and collaboration make Math Club a fun, real-world extension of classroom skills. 
Club Meetings Dates 2017-2018
November 15th 
December 6th
January 17th
February 7th
March 14th
April 11th
May TBD 
Students need to inform Mrs. Stretavski by the day of the meeting if they will be participating. Students can bring a snack and are invited to bring a friend. All meetings end by 3:45pm. Students can be picked up on the back porch at that time.
Contact Mrs. Stretavski in room 209 with any questions!