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Mrs. Ellis' Fourth Grade Class

Mrs. Ellis' Fourth Grade Class

Week of: March 18-22


Hi Parents!
Your child brought home the registration form for next year.  Please fill it out and return it to school.

Your child has an Oral Book Report Presentation which is due April 2nd. Students should pick a book they have recently read and let me know what they've chosen.  The book should be fiction and have a plot.  I gave the students a planning sheet so they would know what to include in their report. The students do NOT have to write out a report in paragraphs.  They need to write on note cards which  they may refer to during their presentation.  Students will be graded on their presentation but must turn in their planning sheet and note cards.

*Please remember to send in an excuse when your child is absent and make sure your child knows how they are getting home *


You don't need flyers to order from scholastic.  Just visit scholastic book club. Our classroom code for scholastic book orders is TT44Z. 


Homework: Please  check your child's planner and take home folder daily.  Sometimes I don't get around to updating the website or I may forget to put things on it.  Also, please be sure to check Miss O'Keefe's web page.  Sometimes I forget to post her homework on here.




Ellis - Spelling LAWB pgs. and missed words due Thursday / SS #78 / Read story / Science study guide / Math 246-247 try all problems  


Pavlick Spelling LAWB pgs. and missed words due Thursday


O'keefe -none





Ellis -  Spelling LAWB pgs. 88, 89, 90 due Thursday / Reading - finish reader's guide in LAWB.  Vocab and comprehension test on Thursday / English - WB pg. 65 / Math - SS #79 / Science test tomorrow


Pavlick - Spelling LAWB pgs. 88, 89, 90 due Thursday

O'Keefe - none



Ellis -  Spelling LAWB pgs, due tomorrow / Reading test on Friday , Vocab review WS due tomorrow/ social studies def. due tomorrow / English LAWB 242, 243 / AR


Pavlick - Spelling LAWB pgs, due tomorrow


O'Keefe-  none











Friday –  







Upcoming events:





Group A:  Dahlia, Alana, Bryan, Cam, Collin, Louis, Ava

Group B:  Julianna, Ryan, Ben, Cole, Jack, Henry


Special Schedule

Monday:  Group A-Gym, Group B - Band

Tuesday:  Group A - Library, Group B - Band 

                 Whole class - Spanish

Wednesday - Group A - Band, Group B - Gym

                     Whole class - computers

Thursday- Group A - Band, Group B -  Library

Friday - Art


4th Grade:

Reading Story of the Week:  


aloud bald hawk south faucet
proud claw tower stalk couple
howl false dawn allow drown
pause fault cause amount cloudier

applaud foul browse gnaw doubt

glacier foliage quarry metropolitan commute


Vocabulary Strategy:  dictonary entries and word meanings




5th Grade: 







To check your child's AR points you may visit 

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